Great quality and a comfortable fit! My cat loves it!

Lindsey, Katy, TX,

I love my Petsling! It's the perfect thing for my very tiny, VERY old Yorkie. He loves being close to me and now I can get some things done around the house without worrying about him.

Michelle, Charlotte, NC,

I ordered the black sling and it is awesome! It was well made and I'm very satisfied. The shop owner was very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this item if you are looking for a high quality petsling!

Maranda, White Bluff, TN,

I was slightly skeptical when I ordered & even when it arrived cause I wasn't how to wear the sling & felt self conscious. But after traveling with my canine baby, I am beyond thrilled with the pet sling!! I love firm fabric, it didn't stretch out even after walking through airports, etc. I bought 3 different brands of slings to try them out before traveling & this is the only one that felt comfortable & reliable enough for my trip. Thank you so so so much!!! The convenience and peace of mind of having him essentially strapped to my chest is well worth for the reasonable price tag!!! Extremely pleased with the final product!!!!

Amanda, Sherman Oaks, CA,