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Where Do Pets Live

Where do pets live? With so many pets in the world, primarily cats and dogs, where exactly do all of these pets live? What are the most popular countries that cats and dogs call home? Check out these charts below, courtesy of to find out. Countries With Most Dogs Countries With Most Cats
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Are You The Alpha

Are you the alpha of your pack? Sounds strange to say, but in the eyes of your dog or dogs, someone has to be the alpha. Someone has to provide leadership and safety. Are You The Alpha Imagine having to trust each day that someone would feed you. Someone would provide fresh water. Someone would…
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Dog Shaming

Dog shaming, those two words just sound bad. There's no good way to spin one simple reality. We get laughs out of playing harmless tricks on our dogs. If only they knew the shenanigans we play. Though they may say, "no worries." If only you knew that I licked your plate when you weren't looking.…
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Dogs Love To Eat

Dogs love to eat. There's no refuting that statement. Sleep, eat and make sure they are safe. That is essentially the daily to do list for any canine. Dogs Love To Eat So we all know they eat. And they will keep eating. Put it in front of them or within their reach and guess…
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