Are You The Alpha

Are you the alpha of your pack? Sounds strange to say, but in the eyes of your dog or dogs, someone has to be the alpha. Someone has to provide leadership and safety.

Are You The Alpha

Imagine having to trust each day that someone would feed you. Someone would provide fresh water. Someone would protect you in the event of a threat.

As humans I don't know if we are capable of such trust. Such faith that our lives are in the hands of another. That we will be provided what we need, when we need.

That is how a dog lives every day. And is likely why their ability to show endless and unconditional love towards us is often beyond words.

What Is The Alpha

So what exactly is the alpha? In the eyes of your dog it is the one person who protects the pack. The one who provides the leadership. The alpha keeps the pack together. They maintain a healthy order.

The role of the alpha cannot be underestimated.  With the death of the alpha, a wolf pack will disperse, How The Death Of One Wolf Can Affect The Entire Pack.

The alpha plays a vital role in the wild and in the domesticated home in which our dogs live. Though the alpha can be the dog, itt shouldn't.

Some dogs take great comfort in knowing someone else is the alpha. It's a role they have neither the temperament nor desire to take. While for others the opposite is true.

Some dogs will test their alpha. They will test to take comfort in knowing their alpha is strong. A true leader. One that will protect them.  The one in which the survival of the pack evolves.

How Does The Alpha Act

The alpha is the leader. They are first to walk in the house after a walk. The first to walk in after a nature break.

A strong alpha does not let any other member of the pack misbehave or ignore a command. Even a simple sit, ignored by your dog weakens the alpha.

Though it may sound strange to speak (or write) like this, such behavior and understanding is important to your dog.  We all want our dogs to feel safe, happy and relaxed.

Only the presence of a strong alpha can offer such. And it is no different than a child who acts out. As ironic as it may sound, they act out to inspire action. They want to see the parent discipline them. They want to know the parent cares and loves them.  And has set the proper course for them.


Someone in your pack needs to be the clear alpha. It does not have to be a male. It can easily and very well be a female. But it needs to be someone who is strong willed. Someone who will ensure the safety and well being of the pack. Whether that pack is one dog, two dogs or five kids.

We all need a strong leader in our lives. The same is true for our dogs.

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