Dog Shaming

Dog shaming, those two words just sound bad. There's no good way to spin one simple reality. We get laughs out of playing harmless tricks on our dogs.

If only they knew the shenanigans we play. Though they may say, "no worries." If only you knew that I licked your plate when you weren't looking.

Dog Shaming

This post was inspired by the website which updates about once a week with a dog that did something "bad" enough it was worthy of a little shaming.

Seeing the look on the dog's face it would appear they are not only proving guilt but accepting their punishment.

Said punishment being a photo smeared across the internet where they lay claim to their crime.

Recent Shaming

We had our own recent dog shaming which I had to share.  Some friends came over recently for movie marathon. The agenda was simple, a few movies, good memories and zero stress.

Our four pound Maltipoo would have none of it. Barking at them all evening. Even though she knows them well.


Our dog was not harmed in this shaming. Ample treats and love were given shortly after this photo was taken. I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Have your own shaming photo or story? Let us know in the comments below. Perhaps we'll share it, with your approval, in a future post.

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